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Tired of hearing that "the money is in your list", when you don't even have a list? Stop being beat out by your competition and start building your own opt-in list today.

From: Gary & Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
Location: Orlando, Florida
Re: The Fastest List Building System

Dear Friend,

It has never been easier to build your own opt-in list than it is now with The List Machine!

If you can tell a few friends or business associates about your website, you are well on your way to having an opt-in list of 100, 1000, 10,000 or even 100,000 prospects!

Why choose The List Machine?

The answer is simple. It is like no other list building system available on the internet. We have an exclusive front and back matrix, so your position not only benefits you from your own efforts, but also from the efforts of others in the matrix.

Tired of finding yourself at the bottom of the matrix?

We have solved that problem by placing you in 2 matrixes at the same time. You might find yourself at the bottom of one, but at the top of the other!

Imagine waking up one morning, only to find 35,000 opt-in prospects below you!

Pictured below is an illustration of where you'd end up in a typical matrix. In the diagram, you're in the position represented by the orange figure.

That's not bad, but remember, we have two matrixes, and with our system, you're going to be in both.

Pictured below is an illustration of where you are going to be in our reverse matrix. Again, in the diagram, you're in the position represented by the orange figure.

The possibilities are endless, and better yet, this list building system is 100% free for you to try!

Join today and start building your list Absolutely FREE!

- Click Here To Sign-Up For The List Machine -

Yours in Success,
Gary Ambrose, Jennifer Ambrose, and Donald Rowell
The List Machine Team

P.S. Think about this ... if you are considering NOT joining, how serious can you be about building your own list? This is a 100% free chance to gain real opt-in leads to build your business. Isn't that worth the 1 minutes it will take you to sign up now?

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